SHOKZ Openrun PRO review by Olesia

SHOKZ Openrun PRO review by Olesia


The OpenRun Pro are the best-sounding and comfortable headphones I've ever tried.

I mean you have a great audio and microphone quality and you can have your ears open for other processes.

Overall, I really like these headphones a lot for outdoor running. These headphones stay securely on, do not move at all throughout your entire run, and never require any adjusting. They're also not so tight that they become uncomfortable. They're very lightweight and comfortable; you put them on and almost instantly forget that they're even there. It's also nice to be able to listen to music while your ears remain unobstructed because you want to be able to be aware of your surroundings while outdoors for safety reasons.



In general, this let me experience a new freedom on these situations:

1) Running with a music, but still hear any possible threat (like cars etc). Here I have to notice, that OpenRun Pro are durable and merit an IP55 dust and water-resistance rating.

2) Listen to music/watch movie in a train\bus etc without disturbing others, but also be fully aware of the surroundings

3) On a trip with my kids – I can listen to them and enjoy good music/podcast at the same time

4) Receiving a call – really good quality of sound and hands free. Microphone is loud and clear. I use in Teams meetings and phone calls with no issues. 


So it’s a great solution for hiking, travelling, running, riding bike, walking on a busy street, being with kids etc.


Also zero ear fatigue listening to music all day since ears are naturally open. This is now my daily driver and I prefer it for light weight, device rest over the ear rather than ear canals making it super comfortable and you forget it’s even there.


They also boast an impressive quick charge function that delivers an hour and a half of playback after just five minutes of charging, while a full charge will keep them going for up to 10 hours. 


I can't feel them on my head at all. Even after 10 hours in a row.


The volume is amazing! I've tried others where I've had to turn the volume to the highest level and still could barely hear it. Not these! You get nice loud sound without having to turn the volume to a high level.


But the best is a fact that I can be listening to whatever on these but still be aware of what is going on around me.


Money well spent! I'm a believer in bone conduction technology now. And I advise everybody to try this technology now from my heart!


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